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Penang South Islands

4,200-acre 3-island development project over the next 30 years will be one of the key enabling strategies towards fulfilling the Penang State’s.

Vision which will be a World Class Tourist Destination, a Green Technology Park for knowledge workers, a project that addresses Environmental Sustainability and a project with Smart City Planning.

  • Malaysia

Features & lifestyle

Townships   |   Malaysia   |   4.500 acres

Aligned to Penang 2030 vision to address the issue of liveability, economy, community and resiliency, the Penang South Islands (PSI) is a joint venture between Penang State Government and Gamuda Berhad. Located at the south of Penang island, PSI comprises of three man-made island with a total land area of 4,500 acres that would be developed over the next 40 years. Silicon Island (2,300-acres) will be the first island to be developed over the next 15 years.

Masterplanned to be low carbon with strong sustainability and green features, this smart city development is designed with a Green Plan integrated into the masterplan and urban design guidelines.

  • Public open spaces
  • Resilient design to address climate change
  • Smart city services


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