Building communities

Gamuda Land is committed to sustainable development. Our strength lies in our ability to identify, innovate and deliver breakthrough solutions, which improve the standard of living for our residents.

Established in 1996, Gamuda Land is the property development arm of Gamuda Berhad, a globally-leading engineering, construction, and infrastructure group in Malaysia, and one of Asia’s premier companies. For over two decades, Gamuda Land has been steadfastly building up a proven record of accomplishment – delivering innovative developments and creating holistic, sustainable communities, whether apartment buildings or township communities. This is evident in our many award-winning developments that dot Malaysia’s landscape, and are also in Australia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Listening to what the land has to tell us

Our land has blessed us with many beautiful natural aspects, this is why we are able to work with nature, to preserve what was there before us and finding innovative ways to incorporate them into our developments and masterplans globally. The essence of a place remains unchanged, only enhanced.

When we get the places right, the development works

It is evident to us that having a home that incorporates work, social, fun and learning aspects is a healthy one. It is important to us to see that our developments connect buyers to each other, nature and themselv

We believe a good development is a connected development

Delivering a development that ensures easy accessibility through excelled infrastructure plans and high-level technology solutions is our top priority. A development to us is more than just a home -
it is a sanctuary of top tier innovation.

We consider a development as a community

We love creating a place for where people know one another, live together, and look out for each other, therefore our planning principles promotes neighbourhoods that ensures health, happiness, and family.
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Gamuda Land vision

Gamuda Land’s vision is to enhance neighbourhoods and create places people will want to call home – places they feel a part of, where they can grow up and grow old.

We have a large focus on embracing social responsibility, protecting environments, conserving ecosystems, and delivering innovative solutions across engineering, infrastructure, and property development. 

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We are guided by our values, which are delivered throughout every community we create, offering sustainability, smart initiatives, master planning and innovation.

Guided by sincerity Committed to responsibility Motivated by originality

Our Achievements

Gamuda Land extends its excellence throughout the globe. With this comes a few achievements and awards.

View our full list of accolades here.

GL_Accolades_7 Gamuda Land

The Edge Top Developers Awards in place No.1 2023

GL_Accolades_8 Gamuda Land

The Edge Top Property Developers Awards in place No. 2 2022

GL_Accolades_1 Gamuda Land

Star Property Awards – All Star Award 2021

GL_Accolades_3 Gamuda Land

The Edge Top Property Developers Award 2020-2021

GL_Accolades_5 Gamuda Land

Star Property Awards 2020 - Top Ranked Developer of the Year

GL_Accolades_9 Gamuda Land

Edgeprop Malaysia’s Best Managed & Sustainable Property Awards 2020

GL_Accolades_2 661 Chapel Street

Star Property Awards The All Star Award - Top Ranked Developers of the Year 2019-2018

GL_Accolades_14 Gamuda Land

FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards 2022 - Environmental Restoration

GL_Accolades_11 Gamuda Gardens

The Edge Top Property Developers Award (Joint Rank No 3) 2021

GL_Accolades_12 Gamuda Land

Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards 2022

GL_Accolades_4 Gamuda Land

iProperty Development Excellence Award – Top 5 developers (People's Choice Awards)

GL_Accolades_6 Gamuda Land

The Edge Malaysia Top Property Developer Awards 2012-2016

Our Partners

We work with the best in the local industry to bring our vision in Australia to life.
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