How we do things differently

Rain forest from air near Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

The Green Plan

In 2021, Gamuda Group unveiled the Gamuda Green Plan that commits the entire Group to sustainable construction & development.

This is our goal orientated approach to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gases. For our developments we will achieve a 45% reduction in emissions by 2030. Our mission is to work with nature, preserve what was there before us and find innovative ways to incorporate it into our designs. The essence of the place remains unchanged, only enhanced.


Sustainable Planning and Design, Circular Construction

To facilitate sustainable master planning featuring climate responsive designs, integrated transport and low energy buildings with smart features.


Our Community in Our Business

We craft towns with a human centric approach that strengthens connections between the community in our buildings and its spaces.


Environmental & Biodiversity Conservation

We aim to drive efforts in conserving nature and biodiversity stewardship in all our property developments through innovative designs.


Enhancing Sustainability Via Digitalisation

Enhancing sustainability through digitalisation leverages technology and data management to enhance company- wide efforts in sustainable development.

Australian eucalyptus forest

Planting one million trees by 2023

Trees are a vital part of our environment by improving air quality and supporting wildlife. For this reason, we believe in working towards reducing our carbon footprint across the value chain with solutions for carbon neutrality. We aim to plant one million trees across our townships, developments and the 1,600-acre Urban Green Reserve.