Sustainability with Substance

Sustainability with Substance

At Gamuda Land, we recognise that for a more prosperous future our industry must make an unwavering effort to adopt more environmentally conscious business practices. That’s why we are making every possible effort to create sustainable communities.

In this article, we explore the initiatives that are being implemented by Gamuda Land in collaboration with industry-leading partners within the field of sustainability and biophilic design. Through these initiatives that will be implemented at our anticipated development at 272 Normanby Rd South Melbourne, Gamuda Land intends to leave a positive impact on the wider community and future residents alike.

  • By Gamuda Land
  • 24 August 2022

For a better tomorrow, we are addressing the importance that sustainability plays in the built environments we live in today. The depletion of natural resources for generational gain is sadly a methodology widely practised in the global development of built environments. At Gamuda Land, we believe it’s no longer acceptable to merely adopt green building design, but essential to ensure every building or public space is making a positive green contribution to its place.

Thankfully, our sentiment of environmentally conscious solutions to issues within the development industry is shared by like-minded organisations with whom we are proud to partner.

HIP V_edited
Image: HIP v HYPE

Collaborating with experts

We deliberately partner with pioneering businesses that share a common goal of ecological preservation. Across all of our developments, we seek the guidance of experts who offer insight into what are the most innovative and appropriate sustainability initiatives for the respective area; 272 Normanby is no exception, demonstrating a true biophilic typology.

From the outset we sought the expert advice of HIP V. HYPE, an ethical, socially conscious, environmentally focused property developer, sustainability consulting practice, and work share provider. They helped guide our design team to implement the most sustainable layout for 272 Normanby, ensuring the development achieves a 5-star Green Star rating.


Revered landscape biodiversity specialist OCULUS is a cross-disciplinary design studio committed to connecting people to their surrounding environment. Gamuda Land has engaged OCULUS to ensure the amenities within 272 Normanby prioritise green design principles, given OCULUS’s regular landscape design consultation on parks, gardens, and mixed-use precincts.

At the ground level of the 272 Normanby development – The Johnson Street Park – OCULUS has combined the design brief & Indigenous Australian motif to deliver a result that makes a bold green entry statement to a building that prioritises biophilic design.

Image: Hayball Architects

The interior and exterior architecture has been designed by multi-disciplinary firm Hayball. Hayball has incorporated elements such as FSC-certified timber, Australian-made carpets,  and Low-VOC paints and finishes, ensuring the project minimises its environmental impact and doesn’t further contribute to natural resource depletion or excess construction waste.

Consultation with the indigenous community

As an organisation, we place the utmost importance on acknowledging the traditional custodians of the lands on which we develop. We pay our respects to the elders of the Bunurong people past, present, and emerging. We have sought conference from indigenous heritage advisors Murri : Yul to implement aboriginal narratives and concepts throughout The Johnson Street Park and a new parkland adjacent to the project.

Listening to the land and preserving its pre-colonial heritage is something we are extremely proud of. In Australia, we have the unique privilege of being able to work collaboratively with the original landowners to celebrate the culture of the oldest continuous civilisation on our planet. The result at 272 Normanby is one that we anticipate being our most sustainable and genuinely ‘green’ project to date.

Considering the future

Redwood trees on Otway National Park in Melbourne Victoria Austr

Our organisational values are showcased in the projects we plan and the pledges we make. Projects like our #OneMillionTrees initiative – a global goal to plant one million trees across our developments by 2023.

We’ve also made a bold commitment to reducing our organisation’s carbon emissions, with a vision to cut these by 40 per cent by 2030.

This is just one of many commitments that we have made both within Australia and around the world. With Gamuda Land the bare minimum is simply not enough.

Unpacking Biophilic Design

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