From the Ground Up: Building Sustainable Foundations

From the Ground Up: Building Sustainable Foundations

From the first very stage of planning for The Canopy on Normanby, we set out to deliver a project that respected the existing land and community, while applying new innovative technologies and methodologies in sustainable development.

  • By Gamuda Land
  • 4 September 2023

Earlier this month, we completed the demolition of the site’s pre-existing structures. We partnered with Mann Group to achieve a 95% recycled materials target to salvage the materials for future use.

Mann Group incorporated a meticulous measurement process to the demolition, they were able to track all materials that left the site and carefully directed which items go to recycling facilities and which go to landfill. In this case, 95% were directed to recycling, and only 5% to landfill.

This initiative directly aligns with our environmental values but also contributes to Mann Group’s commitment to target a 100% recycling rate across all its projects.

We recently appointed Crema Constructions to lead the construction of the project.

Crema Constructions is bolstered by in-house team of accredited professionals experienced in design optioneering to test the embodied carbon and implications of different solutions at developments.

To further complement the project’s sustainability focus, Crema Constructions will utilise its in-house concrete supplier, Piave Premix Concrete, who have developed green concrete mixes to inject the same levels of sustainability in each foundational facet of the development.

Managing Director of Crema Constructions, Louis Crema explained how their structure and resources will allow them to see the project through in the midst of market uncertainty.

“Crema is a vertically integrated business that includes Concrete Structure, Precast Supply, Premix Concrete and Logistics.”

“This means we have control over the design and construction of the critical path and over 45% of the cost of a building. We also have the ability to pre-manufacture and store materials in our Clayton facility, avoiding any supply chain delays.”

We’re extremely excited to take this next step in achieving everything we have envisioned for The Canopy on Normanby and get one step closer to welcoming its residents to their new homes.

You can learn more about the project and stay up to date by checking out our website here

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