Behind The Design: Exploring Fareham with BayleyWard

Behind The Design: Exploring Fareham with BayleyWard

When designing Fareham, lead architects BayleyWard team sought to design homes that would meet the needs of future residents, providing energy-efficient, spacious residences that promote optimal health and well-being.


  • By Gamuda Land
  • 22 May 2024


To better understand how this has been achieved, we recently sat down with Nick Readett-Bayley, Director of BayleyWard Architects to explore the design further, including the materials and sustainability features at Fareham.


An Informed Design

According to a 2023 survey by Core Logic, natural light, ample storage and efficient heating and cooling methods rank among the most crucial property features valued by purchasers.

At Fareham, apartments have been carefully designed to optimise the amount of natural daylight, while ensuring that excellent thermal performance is achieved through the materiality and quality of the building’s façade.

“Each apartment will include ample storage, and we have chosen energy-efficient equipment throughout to ensure residents can enjoy maximum levels of comfort within their homes,” explains Nick.


Embracing Nature

As seen in all of our local and international developments, Fareham also places a particular focus on a deep respect for nature throughout every facet of its design.

In addition, to incorporating the surrounding area’s natural colours, such as sandstone, and introducing native flora within the project, we have ensured that landscaping plays an integral role in the overall design and features prominently throughout each area in the building.

“Gardens are a prominent feature, not only beautifying the surroundings but also promoting biodiversity and enhancing mental well-being. Fareham’s central spine presents a verdant oasis, offering residents the chance to immerse themselves in nature,” continued Nick.

Another simple, yet effective way that resident lifestyles have been considered in apartment designs is through the incorporation of dedicated entryways that offer a reimagining of a traditional front porch. These spaces create a bridge between outdoor and indoor, allowing a moment of respite.

“We particularly love these porches as they provide residents with dedicated spaces to remove their shoes, store their bikes and hang their coats, while banquette seating offers a cozy, space-efficient nook within the space,” explained Nick.

‘Dedicated entryway’ what does this mean? / how does it differ from just an entry of an apartment. Requires a touch more clarification.


A Sustainable Community

Throughout Fareham’s design process, sustainability remained a top priority alongside a fundamental principle of building a lasting community. The project incorporates Passive House principles, under the guidance of sustainability consultants, HIP V. HYPE, to assist in reducing its overall carbon footprint while easing running costs for residents.

Materials with low embodied carbon were prioritised and implemented a high-performance and durable façade to minimise operational carbon emissions at the project.

Rainwater harvesting will also be implemented on-site and reused for irrigation throughout on-site landscaping, which is key in fostering community connections.

Biophilic Design was a fundamental consideration from the project’s inception. We envisioned a vibrant, living building with a green vertical spine that links residents from the ground floor to a communal landscaped rooftop garden,” explained Nick.

Integrating landscaping into main circulation zones brings a sense of vitality to spaces and improves air quality and the overall experience for residents, with a connection to nature at every turn.

Life At Fareham

From ocean sunset views, a convenient location, ample storage solutions, and a material palette inspired by Bayside, life at Fareham has been designed with residents in mind.

Each apartment will feature generous internal storage space, ensuring that residents have ample room for their belongings. Additionally, storage cages located in the basements, ground floor and mezzanine levels offer further storage solutions.

“Our aim is to ensure that storage solutions are convenient, accessible, and seamlessly integrated into the living experience, enhancing the comfort and functionality of every apartment,” said Nick.

Apartments at Fareham have been thoughtfully designed with a focus on functionality and aesthetics.

“Most of the project’s units are dual-facing, ensuring cross ventilation and breath taking views of Port Phillip Bay. Combining these elements, we can create a truly exceptional living experience for residents,” he/she continued.

We’re extremely proud to work alongside some of the best in the business to help bring the vision of Fareham to life and provide a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience in the heart of St Kilda.

Discover Fareham here.