Our Commitment to Delivering 1,000 New Homes

Our Commitment to Delivering 1,000 New Homes

Gamuda Land, is committing to deliver 1,000 new Australian homes over the next five years, starting with the development of a 200-apartment mixed-use project at 272 Normanby Road, South Melbourne.

  • By Gamuda Land
  • 19 July 2022
Jarrod Tai from Gamuda Land Australia at our 272 Normanby Road site

272 Normanby Road

The 2,600 sqm site, famously home to the Dunlop Rubber Co for over 70 years, is located within the Montague Precinct of Fishermans Bend. Ngan Chee Meng, CEO of Gamuda Land, said after the delivery of the company’s maiden 661 Chapel Street, South Yarra project in 2018, Gamuda Land is focused on building a strong pipeline of residential projects in Australia over the next five years.

As a town maker, Gamuda Land is well positioned to apply our expertise in our international projects towards addressing challenges like climate change and housing affordability, which form the cornerstone of our scheme for South Melbourne.

“Gamuda Land’s vision is to re-instate local biomass on site, with extensive tree-planting and contributions to public green space included in the scheme. Working with the traditional landowners as a first step, our design brief started with an understanding of the site’s natural landscape and its indigenous heritage. We wanted to understand how we could restore part of the project to its pre-colonial state.”

Rain forest from air near Kuranda, Queensland, Australia

Our vision

Partnering with Hayball Architects, Oculus and HIP V. HYPE, the project will deliver a truly biophilic outcome that incorporates native flora and ‘re-wilds’ part of it to a pre-urbanised landscape.

The architectural response by Hayball champions ecological design features like vertical greening that connects the park frontage with the building and private residents’ rooftop garden. Promoting the health and wellbeing of future residents has informed natural material selections, increased natural light in the development’s design and enhanced connections to nature.

A lush biophilic spine through the building’s 20 levels offers resident ‘hide out’ areas for work and recreation amongst green spaces. Cascading green walls will feature prominently throughout corridors, lobbies and terraces.

“It was important to us that the project made a significant contribution to enriching air quality and reducing heat island effect, delivering on Gamuda Land’s goal to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40percent by 2030,” said Mr Ngan. “The project will also see over 6,000 native plants and trees planted, furthering our goal to plant an additional one million trees across Gamuda Land’s projects.”

Additional amenities within the project will include an atrium retail space that will introduce 14 specialty retailers.

Watch this space as we continue to reveal more about this exciting new project.

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